I've always been fascinated by cars, I've built them with LEGO as a kid and drew tons of car designs when I was a teenager. As a boy growing up in the 70s/80s in West-Germany, owning a Porsche one day was/is definately one of your dreams, I remember that special moments, when we saw a 924, a 944 or even one of the seldom 928, not to mention a 911. One thing I will never forget is seeing my first Lamborghini Countach "in real" in Mannheim, around 1988, that thing looked like an alien spaceship. Then there were Magnum with the Ferrari 308 and Miami Vice with the white Testarossa, both cult cars by now. I've been affected by all these sportscars since my youth and when I was thinking about drawing something other than urban sceneries, the "Cars Illustration Series" came up quick and easy to my mind.

First I drew the Porsche, second the Lamborghini. Then I saw that old UPS truck parked in a backyard in Berlin and decided to revive it as an icecream delivery truck in Tokyo. When I showed my son the "Back To The Future" movies, there was no doubt that the next candidate was choosen: the DMC Delorean. Last but not least I wanted to credit the beauty of the American Muscle Cars and the Mustang won a close race against the Corvette and became the last (to date) member of the "crew" 😉

So – I hope you like the series, maybe I'll extend it and draw some more in the future, there are so many cars left that I really find interesting: a Ferrari (maybe the 1984 Testarossa), a Mercedes Benz SL from the 1950s, an AMC Pacer (the funny car from the movie Wayne's World), a Corvette Stingray from 1963 and, and, and... 🙂